Sample Morning Workshops

October 2017

11:30 am – 12:30 pm


Essentrics:  Aging Backwards

Led by Charlotte Franklin

This age reversing workout restores movement in your joints, flexibility and strength in your muscles, relieve pain, and stimulate your cells to increase energy, vibrancy and your immune system. This slow-paced, full body workout (640 muscles) is based on tai chi’s flowing movements for balanced health; ballet’s strengthening theories for long, lean, flexible muscles, and the healing powers of physiotherapy to create a pain free body.

Finding a Meaningful Encore Career 

Led by Sheila Murphy, Partner/Co-Founder of FlexProfessionals, a niche staffing firm that matches professionals seeking part-time work with companies in need of talent.

Learn about the latest trends in workplace flexibility, where the good jobs and industries are, the employers to target, and how to position yourself for flexible work. Our goal is for you to leave this workshop energized and confident to begin your flexible job search!

Goal Setting for Individualized Healthcare

Led by Mike Endress, Health Coach with the Inova WellAware

Goal setting is the process of deciding what you want to achieve and creating a specific plan to reach the results you desire. By creating an action plan tailored to your personal needs in regards to your health, the benefits of a long, prosperous and healthy life are endless. Join our coach as he guides you on a creative health journey by encouraging you to achieve the life you are aspiring to live.

Medicaid Planning: Protect Your Assets

Led by Evan Farr, Certified Elder Law Attorney

Long-term care is catastrophically expensive, averaging $12,000 – $14,000 a month for a nursing home in the Metro DC area. With proper Medicaid asset protection planning, almost everyone can eventually qualify for Medicaid when needed, without having to be broke or to first spend down your life savings. This workshop will explore how to protect your assets and obtain valuable Medicaid benefits to pay for long-term care.

Music & Aging: A Noteworthy Pursuit

Led by Nicole Bowen, board certified music therapist

This workshop will introduce the listener to the effects of music therapy on cognitive and motor functioning as well as mood stabilization and memory retention.  It will also introduce simple music therapy techniques the observer can use at home to improve functioning.


Led by Petya Ivanova, JCCNV Wellenss Coordinator and Certified Reiki Instructor

Come learn about Reiki, a Japanese healing technique for stress reduction and relaxation and get the chance to experience a 10-minute group energy and reiki exchange. Known by some people as alternative Japanese medicine and by others as “healing hands therapy” Reiki is the life force energy that will improve your health and change your life.

Seven Steps to Better Brain Health

Led by Susan Wranik, MS. MA, CCC-SLP of Susan I. Wranik Associates, L.L.C.

Based on the clinical protocol for treating short term memory issues and cognitive deficits, this upbeat, interactive program explains what’s happening to your memory, why, and what you can do about it!  Introducing 7 helpful strategies for better brain health, including a 60 second trick for recall.

Strength through Range of Movement

Led by Shae Agee, JCCNV Health and Fitness Director and Certified Personal Trainer

Limited range of motion impairs function and tends to cause pain. The loss of Range-of-motion increases with age.  Sometimes it can be caused by inactivity and or structural changes. In the workshop learn how beginning range of motion exercises help stretch stiff joints. Through improved joint range of motion exercise you can improve joint and muscle function and thus improving your ability to stand, balance, walk, and climb stairs.

Tai Chi/Balance

Led by Cynthia Maltenfort, ERYT, certified yoga instructor

One of the main causes of falling in seniors is a lack of physical movements, leading to lower flexibility and balance. As seniors age, they may be less energetic than before and thus less inclined to exercise. Tai Chi (Tie Chee), an ancient Chinese martial art form with slow and gently flowing movements, might be a suitable exercise option to consider.

Talk to Me: Voice Command Devices & Tech Tips

Led by Cherie Lejeune, Tech expert in Cognition and Aging

Learn to make your everyday information needs accessible by using voice command devices. Cherie will also explain the cognitive therapy that is going to change everything through virtual and augmented reality.


Travel Tips and Tools for Adults

Led by Andrea Savitch, Unique Travel Events

Andrea will share some of the most popular destinations for seniors as well as the travel challenges we face and how to overcome them. She will also discuss travel concerns in today’s world.