Poker Tips to play

Win money playing poker: tournaments and video poker

Many players dream of winning at poker. After all, a victory along will bring good profits. The winnings often exceed entry fees by hundreds and thousands of times. In cash games, you can only dream of such numbers.

How to win money playing poker tournaments

But competition in poker tournaments can be much tougher. Therefore, in order to win the tournament, the player needs to choose the right strategy, carefully monitor the opponents, and use all the opportunities that he can.

Prepare for the tournament

An experienced player’s strategy in a tournament will depend on the size of the stack:

  1. If it exceeds the size of the blinds and antes by at least 20 times, you can act both tight and aggressive. The main thing is to increase the stack and not lose the existing chips.
  2. If the stack is reduced to 15-10 blinds, the chips need to be used more effectively. Narrow down your starting hands, bluff, and push your opponents.
  3. With a stack of 10-6 blinds, careful, thoughtful poker should be shown. When the stack shrinks even further, it’s time to go all-in. You will most likely have to bluff to win money playing poker.

Be prepared to change your strategy depending on the stage of the tournament. Flexibility will allow you to get the most out of every hand.

Play to the end

Only the most experienced and strong players reach the final. It will be impossible to advise the correct strategy against them. Act according to the situation, do not give in to emotions.

Why it is so hard?

At this point you might wonder, why winning at a poker tournament is so hard? And there is a number of reasons. First, while the experience is important, poker is partly a game of luck, and even the professional player can lose the game because of the bad card on the river. Second, and the most important, you play against real people, who can call your bluff when you go all-in.

Don’t want to play with real people but you like playing poker and win money playing poker, and wonder how can you do that without tournaments? There is something for you.

How to win at video poker

Online video poker has less than a third of winning situations – 21%. Therefore, the rest will be losers at online pokies win real money. But a skilled video poker player will be able to make even losing combinations winning.

There are many variations of video poker, each with its own payout level and its own strategy. It is best to learn playing online with virtual money – this way you will keep your losses to a minimum and be able to practice painlessly.

Here are the guidelines for a basic video poker strategy:

  • If you can collect Royal Flush by replacing three cards, you shouldn’t change four;
  • Keep the winning five-card hand, unless you can improve it by replacing one card;
  • Give up flash for royal flash;
  • Give up straight in favor of straight flush;
  • Do not change all cards if you have a jack or higher;
  • Always leave a ten if you are going to replace four cards.

And never forget to control your bank. Any gambling is, first of all, entertainment. Luck loves those who know how to have fun.